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Ink formulation chemist

As ink formulation chemist, you will oversee processing of our photostable QDs-polymer mixtures into photoresists or inks for QD (thin) films and patterns. You will be involved in formulating the QD resins and in the evaluation of the morphology and optical properties in view of the application.

Business development manager

As business developer, you will be working closely with the founding team, to bring an early-stage technology to the market. you will get a thorough understanding of the microLED ecosystem, the players, and the already established partnerships. You will help establish relations with target customers and strategic partners. Your experience in setting up long term contracts will help QustomDot to become the preferred QD partner. In the position of business developer, you will have a high impact on the growth and direction of the company.

Optical-Hardware Engineer

You will support our team of chemists by actively building new and supporting existing test setups (involves automation of measurement of light and electrical signals) and maintaining spectroscopical equipment. You will compose optical modelling assignments based on our need and interpret the data.

QD chemist

As a QD Chemist, you will oversee the synthesis of highly luminescent QDs in our new, stateof-the-art chemical lab. You will guide developments in the synthetic procedure of our semiconductor nanocrystals, and you will be closely involved with the further stages of QD processing, which will serve as a feedback for the synthetic protocols.

MicroLED device specialist

As device specialist, you will assist our CPO in defining product specs and defining customer projects from an application perspective. You will supervise projects with processing partners and assist where necessary in the processing. You will compose modelling assignments based on our need and interpret the data.

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Chief executive officer


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I like working in a growing and continuously changing environment where people can use their talents and work as a team. This is exactly what we created at QustomDot.

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