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​Why work with QustomDot?


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​The name QustomDot was created to visualize our desire to develop customized QDs for every customer. To make that happen, we implement the best agile processes and create a flexible environment that nurtures the creativity of our team. 

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​QustomDot is happy to have the support of several partners and investors that choose for innovation.

​Are you interested in a partnership? Or do you want to engage in a QustomProject?  Explore how we can collaborate and contribute to your success!

​Become our partner

​Are you looking for a partner to integrate on-chip grade quantum dots in your future microLED devices? A QustomProject customizes our technology to your needs. We also strive for a further optimization of our QD technology by working together with other players in the microLED industry. Let's illuminate each other and change the display and lighting industry together!

​A team of experts

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Agile project execution

Venture Capital Partners

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