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How does QD technology work?

Quantum dots (QDs) are tiny semiconductor nanoparticles that can transform UV or blue light into other pure colors. By controlling their size, we are able to tune the color emitted by the QDs. QDs can also be processed very easily through printing and coating. Many companies have already experimented with this revolutionary technology, but are limited in doing so because QDs suffer from degradation at high temperatures and light flux. QustomDot however develops a QD technology to be used directly on LED chips, which allows us to target new applications such as high quality microLEDs.



Oscar Wilde

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Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

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Technical revolutions made it possible to transmit our world of colors on television and other displays. Since then, scientists are driven to optimize the existing processes of color transmission. However, even the most recent LCD, OLED and QLED displays are far from perfect and can still be improved. QustomDot is working on the future and found the answer:

We develop quantum dot technology for future applications in color conversion.

Why is QustomDot unique?

QD synthesis

A patented InP QDs with size tuning at full reaction yield with excellent optical properties.

QD surface

Expertise in surface chemistry, which is key for the deposition of dense QDs patterns.

QD ink/resist

A proprietary resin to increase photostability.

QD patterning

In-house patterning experts and access to CR in combination with the use of mature patterning techniques

QD device

Fast prototyping & application development together with the customer with an emphasis on a customized approach


QDs can be used to augment various technologies. The use of QDs as color conversion material can improve brightness, lifetime and efficiency of devices, simplify the production process and reduce production costs. Our QD technology can be used in traditional LEDs for lighting and LCD displays, in miniLEDs and in microLEDs for various applications. Our aim is to facilitate and accelerate the commercialization of technologies beyond traditional displays: AR/VR goggles, smart watches, automotive displays, smartphones, etc. 

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