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Quantum dots (QDs) are tiny semiconductor nanoparticles that can transform UV or blue light into other very pure colors. The size of the QDs determine their color and can be precisely controlled. Because QDs are synthesized in colloidal solution they can be very easily processed, e.g. printed, coated etc. QDs are already on their way to revolutionize the display industry, as they are used in televisions and displays of a number of other companies. However current QD technologies are limited because they suffer from instability at high light flux and temperatures, thus they are used in a sealed and expensive sheet, separated from the light source. QustomDot has developed a QD technology stable enough to be used directly on LED chips, allowing us to target new applications such as micro LEDs.
There is only one commercially available QD technology that is stable enough to be used directly on the LED chip, however it is based on cadmium, which is restricted by RoHS directive of the European Commission. The display and lighting industry have completely shifted towards cadmium-free QD alternatives and thus are not eager to use cadmium-based QDs in their devices.
QustomDot has developed a QD technology that has the potential to disrupt the QD market, because the technology is based on non-restricted cadmium-free QDs that are on-chip grade. The QustomDot technology is truly unique since commercially available QDs either contain cadmium or are not on-chip grade.


Our QD technology can be used not only in traditional LEDs for lighting and LCD displays but also in mini-LEDs (particularly in LED displays for cinema or advertisement) and in microLEDs. For the former, QDs can simplify the production process and reduce the fabrication cost at multiple levels. The latter is a new disruptive technology that can change the display world as we know it. MicroLEDs are micron-sized LEDs and 3 microLEDs can thus be used to form a pixel of a self-emissive display. This revolutionairy type of display has all the benefits of OLED TV (blacks and high contrast) combined with extreme brightness, and a large color gamut thanks to the QDs. Using QDs in combination with blue microLEDs instead of native red, green and blue microLEDs will significantly simplify the production process and the development needed to reach the market. This self-emissive display can find applications not only in traditional displays but also in AR/VR goggles, smartwatches, automotive displays, smartphones, etc.

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