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Colorful, functional and efficient: discover the possibilities of quantum dots (QD) with QustomDot. We develop on-chip grade, RoHS compliant QD technology for future applications in color conversion. 

Quantum dots (QDs) are tiny semiconductor nanoparticles that can transform UV or blue light into other pure colors. By controlling their size, we are able to determine the color emitted by the QDs. QDs can also be processed very easily through printing and coating. Many companies have already experimented with this revolutionary technology, but are limited in doing so because QDs suffer from degradation at high temperatures and light flux. QDs were therefore primarly used in a sealed and expensive sheet, and are still separated from the light source in most commercial products. QustomDot however works with a QD technology that is stable enough to be used directly on LED chips, which allows us to target new applications such as high quality microLEDs.

As we speak, the only commercially available QD technology that is stable enough to use directly on the LED chip, is based on cadmium. However, cadmium is restricted by the RoHS directive of the European Commission. The display and lighting industry therefore refuses to use cadmium-based QDs in their devices. We supply the demands of the industry and provide a solution: QustomDot has developed a QD technology that is based on non-restricted cadmium-free QDs, stable enough for on-chip usage.

The QustomDot technology is truly unique: it is the only commercially available QD technology - stable and reliable -  that is cadmium-free and on-chip grade.

Our QD technology can be used in traditional LEDs for lighting and LCD displays, in miniLEDs and in microLEDs.  Especially the microLED technology is revolutionary and can change the display world as we know it. With 3 microLEDs, you can form a pixel of a self-emissive display. This revolutionary type of display has all the benefits of OLED TV, offers extreme brightness, and features a large color gamut thanks to the QDs. The small size of the microLED enables us to integrate other functionalities in the display itself. There are many more applications possible for self-emissive microLED than for OLED: traditional displays, AR/VR goggles, smart watches, automotive displays, smartphones, etc. When using QDs as color conversion material, you can significantly simplify the microLED production process and reduce costs. 


Join Us


Join our team of 9 people to help realize our company goals. You'll be working in a laboratory environment at Tech lane, Gent-Zwijnaarde, thé place for tech start-up companies like us. Scroll down to see the available positions:

Technician (Bachelor or master level)

We are looking for a person to assist the QD chemists in their technical work. Your job will consist of technical work like measuring samples with absorption and luminescence spectroscopy, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, preparing batches of precursors, distilling solvents and supporting work like cleaning glassware, inventory management, chemical waste management, setting up the synthesis lines and vaccuum pump. Does this sound exciting to you? Then you are thé person we are looking for! (Bachelor’s degree in Laboratory technician or Bachelor/Master’s degree in Chemistry or chemical engineering or equivalent)

Formulation/processing engineer (Master or PhD level)

We are looking for a person to help formulate QD inks, resins and photoresists and integrate these in demonstrators. Do you hands-on experience with ink-jet printing, spin-coating, photolithography or other deposition and/or patterning techniques? Do you have experience with novel materials design for the use with above-mentioned techniques based on epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, thiol-ene or silicone resins? Then you are thé person we are looking for! 

QD chemist (master or PhD level)

We are looking for a person to strengthen our QD development team. Do you have hands-on experience with colloidal synthesis of nanocrystals, characterization of nanomaterials through absorption and luminescence spectroscopy, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy? Do you have experience with ligand exchange and characterization of nanocrystal surface chemistry with NMR or other techniques? Then you are thé person we are looking for! 

How to apply?

Send an email to info@qustomdot.com with your CV and motivation letter.